I started Jamosie Sweet after I had my children. I used to teach. I am a qualified ESL teacher but when I came to the UK I started teaching Food Technology  and I fell in love with it. So after having kids and finding it difficult to combine full-time teaching with being a full-time mum I decided to start my own business that combined my skills as a teacher and my passion for food.


Jamosie is our name we made for our family. We come from Jamaica and Australia so we put the two together and came out with Jam-aussie, spelling it J-a-m-o-s-i-e.


Jamosie Sweet parties and classes are tainted with the shabby chic, vintage and girlie brushes...  delicate roses and blossoms, pinks, golds, purples, tea cups, flip flops, mushrooms, lady bugs...anything sweet and pretty. But what can I say... that is me, that is what I love.


Now,  I hear you screaming 'what? boys? cupcakes? shabby chic?!!'. I have three boys and I used to teach Food Technology in an inner city secondary school and let me tell you, boys love to cook as much as girls. They are just as creative and interested in decorating cupcakes as anyone else! And they don't have to be pink, we have themes for boys as well!


So if you have booked a party, we hope you enjoy it. If you would like to book a party, please contact us. Maybe you are just browsing... Thanks for stopping by!


If you havn't already, why not visit our blog to see what else we have been up to?

Or visit our shop on Etsy. We sell hand made toppers in decoratie-it-yourself kits that you can purchase and decorate your own cupcakes at home.