Cupcake Classes

Our classes are a little different... lets say... vintage tea party

meets cake decorating school. Jamosie Sweet Classes are

tainted with the vintage, retro and shabby chic brushes. Not only

will we let you in on a few secrets... but we will help you find your

own style and teach you how to make those irresistibly

cute decorations.


In our classes you will learn about...

best ingredients for cake and icing (vegan included)

silicone moulds


gel pastes

brushes and rollers

cutters and plungers

glitters and lustres

how to take professional photos of your cupcakes



A 2 hour class costs £70 and includes light refreshments, cupcakes to decorate and take home, and your own cupcake starter kit (a few pieces of essential cupcake decorating equipment). Extra equipment such as cutters, gel colours, rollers etc will also be available for you to purchase (cash only) after the class if you wish.


We love children

Children are welcome to come with you to the class, they might even want to participate in some cookie and cupcake decorating of thier own! As I host the classes in my home, my children will also be present.


New!! Classes in your own home!!

If you are unable to attend in the week, why not host a class at your convienience in your own home? Invite some of your friends (min of 4 including yourself), book a convienient time and I will show up with freshly baked cupcakes and all the decorating equipment for a fabulous class!  Children are also welcome.



Weekdays: Classs are available every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 12-2pm.

Weekends: In your home, classes are available Saturdays between 11am and 5pm.


Mood boards

Inspiration can come from anywhere. I collect pictures

from magazines or the internet, colour combinations, furniture, fashion, food... whatever takes my fancy... and use that as a base to come up with ideas. If you have particular colours or images that you like please feel free to bring them to the class! Here is a mood board I created that is the inspiration for my Retro and vintage fashionista cupcakes you can see pictured to the right.